[arin-ppml] Call for Community Consultation – ARIN’s DNSSEC Deployment Plan

Member Services info at arin.net
Mon Jun 1 13:53:14 EDT 2009

ARIN has published a proposed plan for DNSSEC deployment and is seeking 
community review and comment. The document is available at 

Please submit your comments to the consult at arin.net. You can subscribe 
to the arin-consult mailing list at:

Discussion on consult at arin.net will close at noon EDT 16 June 2009.

Based on the feedback provided, ARIN will update the deployment plan as 
needed with deployment currently planned for 1 July 2009.

The ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process documentation is available
at: https://www.arin.net/participate/acsp/index.html

All are welcome to participate.  Please address any process questions to 
info at arin.net.


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American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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