[arin-ppml] Rationale for /22

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I never said they were.  What I said was, I am worried there is a
tipping point, and I think that argues for making small steps, and
not large ones so we don't overshoot.
However, I am quite willing to entertain moving the limit down
further, as there seems to have been few ill effects from the move
to /22.  I am however worried that there is a tipping point out
there, so I support going to a /23, not further, at this time.

Agree that we shouldn't do it all at once. I think you honed in too much on my rhetorical question and took it to mean that I was advocating dropping the limit altogether. ;-)

So what about going to /23 now, and to /24 when the last /8s are assigned? Then maybe if there's interest, we even go further as the rest of the space goes away, noting of course that it'll get progressively harder to ensure that the route will be carried through legacy filters.


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