[arin-ppml] Rationale for /22

Leo Bicknell bicknell at ufp.org
Thu Jul 30 14:15:14 EDT 2009

In a message written on Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 06:01:33PM +0000, bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com wrote:
> > While it is a bit of a reductio ad absurdum argument, consider what
> > (could) happen if the minimum were a /32.
> 	kind of like what happens when we give out everyone a /32
> 	of IPv6 space.  your arguments are identical for either 
> 	an IPv4 or IPv6 /32.  
> 	and yet we find it acceptable to hand out /32's in one space...

Bzzt.  Thanks for playing.  Please pick up a lovely parting gift on your
way out the door.

The IPv6 analogy to what I described is handing out a /128 to each
individual, which again, is not supportable.

A /32 of IPv6 space connects multiple users.  A /32 of IPv4 space does
not.  It's nice to note there are 2^32 of both, but the IPv6 network
sitll connects 2^96 more users than the IPv4 network.  The only way your
statement could be true is if someone was advocating giving IPv4 /32's
to individual end users, which no one has done.

FUD, total FUD.

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