[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Last Minute Assistance for Small ISPs

Jason Schiller schiller at uu.net
Mon Jul 27 14:45:07 EDT 2009

On Mon, 27 Jul 2009, Bill Darte wrote:

> My initial thoughts are operational and definitional....
> "When ARIN has reached 90% allocation of it's remaining IP free
> pool"....for instance.
> free pool would have to be defined a bit more precisely and of course,
> that 90% threshold may vary even during a request being processed with
> returns, etc.
> Could this proposal trigger the change in mimimum assignment during the
> process of receiving the next IANA allocation? What happens then?
> IF the last /8 that ARIN could get existed as a free pool, then as the
> process described in this proposal takes shape, there would only be
> 4200+ /20s available, but given that any size of allocation/assignment
> request may come in, it is entirely possible thresholds of 90%, 95% and
> 97% might get crossed rather quickly.....
> Additionally, when a given threshold is met, it is increasingly likely
> that a single large and justified request could wipe out the entire free
> pool without other 'end times' policy as have been/are being proposed
> and considered.
> I'd be interested to hear other members of the community comment.
I think there needs to be more clarity here. First off I assume
assignments also count towards the measurment of the free pool?  What
about reserved space?  

As you and David Farmer point out, there is some concern on what you
measure the percentage against.  According to the NRO 06/2009 numbers ARIN
has been allocated 21.33 /8s.  That meanse is 19.197 /8s are allocated or
assigned then would we be in the post 90% phase already?

Secondly are the words "free pool".  What exactly is the ARIN free
pool? Does this include the last /8 allocted under section 10.4 (it 
seems the intention of this policy was for these addresses to be
special use and not part of the normal allocation / assignment
phase)?  Does this include special use space, like the /24s reserved for
Critical Infrastructure in section 4.4?  Does this include the /10 that is
dedicated to IPv6 transition mechanisms in section 4.10?  Does this
include fragments that are smaller than the current minium allocation?


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