[arin-ppml] DTV and IPv6

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Fri Jan 30 19:25:14 EST 2009


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> > > we all appreciate your research into the DTV coupon program. 
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> > 
> > There are many parallels to this deployment that are very 
> applicable.
> > I don't understand why your sneering at it. Perhaps because it is
> I wasn't sneering at it, on the contrary, was quite impressed 
> with the accuracy and detail with which you detailed the 
> coupon program. It just seemed a bit out of place and, as i 
> said, not really adding much to the discussion of ipv6 migration. 

Well, we don't CURRENTLY have a "coupon" analogy with the IPv4->IPv6
transition - BUT one could argue that the various proposals on
the list to allow "selling" of IPv4 are suspiciously close to
this.  The "coupon" program was an attempt to funnel compensation
to those owning an older TV (since they would have to spend money to
upgrade it).  The "selling" proposals are similar attempts to
funnel compensation to those owning obsolete IPv4 blocks. (since
they will have to spend money to upgrade to IPv6)


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