[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal (Global): Allocation of IPv4 Blocks to Regional Internet Registries

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Fri Jan 30 19:04:14 EST 2009

>> nothing will literally extend the free pool.  small finite
>> cardinals are funny that way (there are no negative ip addresses:).
>> the only policies of which i am aware which provide any real
>> longevity in ipv4 space are based on extreme rationing, e.g. apnic
>> prop-0062 and it's sibling being worked on in ripe.
> If the former assertion is in fact the case, then that contradicts the  
> second assertion, doesn't it.

no.  nothing will literally extend the free pool.  it is drawn from
a small number of finite cardinals.

policies can extend the length of time some of those cardinals can
be distributed.  but only by distributing the few remaining ones
under extreme rationing.

now that was not all that hard to understand, was it?

randy, foolishly responding when he knows it's an utter waste

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