[arin-ppml] Why are ISPs allowed?

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> >> Try running Mac OSX on a Mac Plus. (I've tried and failed)
> > See above.  I don't know what the last release of MacOS was that 
> > supported the Plus, but it may have TCP/IP support and maybe NSCA 
> > Mosaic.  Not sure.
> It used to work using Telnet, Gopher, WAIS, etc. I never 
> tried with Mosaic but...
> many web sites now reject NSCA Mosaic & other early browsers.
> Pages just hang - because so much unrecognised information is 
> now present.
> :-(

I always love a good divergence! ;-)

Officially, MacOS X never ran on any 68k gear without a FPU (like the Plus)
your talking System 7 here.

And the 68k Mac systems can still be made to browse the Internet by using
iCab 3.X:  http://www.icab.de/  iCab 2.2.9 will run on MacOS 7.5

Unofficially, you an emulate a PPC on a 68k Mac, here's a guy who
did it on his Centris:


I love the line:

"...That's around 4000 times slower than the Athlon boots, and since that
roughly 2 and a half minutes - I'm looking at at least 6.99 days. One week
to boot!..."

NetBSD will also boot may older 68k Macs:


as will Linux 68k.

Assuming you can get X to run you could build
whatever browser you want.

It would be painfully slow, but this would be for amusement value only.

You know, your not a real geek unless you have at one time in your life,
run NCSA Telnet on a PC XT with an ethernet card in it to log in into
a real system...  ;-)

Some gear, though, is apparently NEVER obsoleted - ponder the dichotomy of
websites like the following:



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