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I'll fess up to being that partially-clued isp.  i didn't think that
multilayer nat is the right thing to do, but unless someone builds a good
v6<->v4 nat device, then multilevel nat is probably what will happen.  it
already happens nowadays and people survive (think wireless gateway behind
dsl gateway).  my research into the v6<->v4 nat state of affairs leads me to
believe that multilayer v4 nat is much better understood at this point.

It would appear that a lot of problems and potential problems would
evaporate if carriers & service providers would simply provide native
dual-stack to the prem - home & office.  Latest computer operating systems
already have IPv6 turned on by default.  Positioning residential customers
for the future is important.  CPE devices sold / rented by service providers
could help the transition... like the DOCSIS 3.0-based Motorola Surfboard
Regards - Fred 

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