[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: IPv4 Recovery Fund - Revised

Wettling, Fred Fred.Wettling at Bechtel.com
Tue Jan 20 09:55:04 EST 2009

Additional comments about the Policy Proposal: IPv4 Recovery Fund - Revised

***You cannot sell something you do not own.  
The policy proposal strikes at a fundamental premise of IANA, RIRs, NIRs,
and LIRs. that of IP address ownership.  Organizations that receive IP
address allocations from a recognized registry do not own the addresses.
They are simply granted use of the addresses under the conditions of the
service agreement with their registry.  The current ARIN Service Agreement
(Version 9.2) makes this perfectly clear.
Applicant acknowledges and agrees that the number resources are not property
(real, personal, or intellectual) and that Applicant shall not acquire any
property rights in or to any number resources by virtue of this Agreement or
otherwise. Applicant further agrees that it will not attempt, directly or
indirectly, to obtain or assert any trademark, service mark, copyright, or
any other form of property rights in any number resources in the United
States or any other country.

***ARIN's Role
ARIN should not get in the role of broker for the sale of Internet
addresses.  In addition to a direct conflict with Section 9 of the current
Service Agreement, this sets a very bad precedent.  What would stop eBay or
anyone else from getting into the "IPv4 Fire Sale" business (for a fee, of

***Delaying release of IPv4 blocks
Simple economics at work here.  IPv4 resources will become more scarce over
time.  Organizations with any financial acumen would not "sell" any
available IPv4 blocks for years... until the price is driven very high.  

Regards - Fred Wettling

Fred Wettling
Bechtel Corporation
Fred.Wettling at Bechtel.com

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