[arin-ppml] ARIN-PPML Digest, Vol 43, Issue 34

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Mon Jan 19 23:05:25 EST 2009

Artur (eBoundHost) wrote:
> I'm against any fee changes. Don't we already have rules that the ip space needs to be well used? 

Close.  For new number resources to be allocated/assigned to an 
organization, it must show that existing allocations/assignments are 
properly utilized and new resources are justified.  That's not quite the 
same thing.

> How about some enforcement?

That is one purpose of 2007-14, which recently completed Last Call and 
should be adopted by the ARIN BoT fairly soon.  Then, ARIN staff will 
have the power to enforce utilization requirements on existing 
non-legacy resources.

However, a significant part (many would say most) of the suspected abuse 
is in legacy space, and 2007-14 exempts that.  I will be submitting a 
proposal to remove that exemption once 2007-14 is adopted, and we will 
see whether or not there is consensus on that point; in the past, there 
has been significant resistance to the idea.


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