[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: IPv4 Recovery Fund - Revised

Raul Echeberria raul at lacnic.net
Mon Jan 19 09:38:19 EST 2009


This is not "THE POLICY" for dealing with IPv4 depletion and the  
transition to IPv6. No policy will be "THE POLICY" for that.
It is just one of the needed policies (at least for the authors).
It is clear that there will be (and already are) other proposals for  
dealing with other aspects of this issue, like legacy space for example.


El 15/01/2009, a las 07:46 p.m., Milton L Mueller escribió:

> This won't work. Most of the low-hanging fruit would be legacy  
> holdings not under any RSA, and thus not subject to any annual fees.  
> Plus, you can't raise fees on people who don't need addresses  
> without also raising them on people who do need them.
> --MM
>> -----Original Message-----
>> An alternative would be a very substantial increase on the annual  
>> fee for
>> IPv4 address holders in the large and X-Large categories (greater  
>> than
>> /16). Consider a 5X, 10X, or larger increase to these groups,  
>> raising the
>> Large annual IPv4 fee to $45-90K and the X-Large fee to $90K-180K.
>> Rationale:
>> Organizations will be incented to released unused IPv4 blocks to  
>> avoid
>> large
>> RECURRING costs.  No additional administrative burden to ARIN.
>> Regards - Fred
>> Bechtel Internal / Non-Record//
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