[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal2008-6:Emergency TransferPolicyforIPv4Addresses - Last Call

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> The actual implementation plan is a little tricky.  The first phase
> involves moving everyone in the country to North and South Dakota
> (roughly an area about the size of Japan, but much flatter).  This will
> allow us to very efficiently run fiber to everyone.

Don't do that..  we work way to hard to keep people from moving here as it
is.  Hmm..  I guess it is time to start recirculating the stories of all the
bicyclists that froze to death up here, the deaths from boredom, et.al..

Actually the Dakotas are a great place to live, just don't expect someone
else to entertain you up here.

And actually companies in ND *are* working on running fiber to everyone..
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