[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal 2008-6: Emergency TransferPolicyforIPv4 Addresses - Last Call

Craig Finseth craig.finseth at state.mn.us
Mon Jan 5 10:58:07 EST 2009

   Many ISP's keep ahead of the hardware curve and have hardware that is
   already IPv6 capable.  The admins at these companies will be able to
   implement some level of IPv6 for little more than the cost of configuring an
   IPv6 DNS and the time (this time may be significant) it takes to plan the
   routing scheme and firewall.

   These pioneers are the guys that will get it started.

Speaking as someone associated with an ISP that is trying to get it
started (we support it on the backbone, we support it in our DNS), the
problems are NOT in the routers, but in the supporting applications.
Things like network management, SIEM (log mangement), and others.

For example, we are in the RFP process for a SEIM solution.  Pretty
much all major players responded.  Only 1 - yes 1 - claimed to offer
IPv6 support.  NONE of the rest offered it or even claimed to be
working on it. (Yes, we encouraged them to tell us if they were.)

How do I support IPv6 if we don't wind up buying that particular
solution?  (There are over 250 questions on that RFP and IPv6 is only
one: it can't dominate the decision.)

And this is as current information as you're going to get.

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