[arin-ppml] 2008-6 What should the AC do

Joe Maimon jmaimon at chl.com
Mon Jan 5 00:26:43 EST 2009

Owen DeLong wrote:
> I'm glad to see a vigorous discussion about 2008-6 on the mailing list.
> However, since this proposal is in last call, there's a limited set of 
> choices
> for the AC to make about the policy...
> Quoting from the ARIN web site:

The proposal only seems to enable the ability for numbers to be 
transferred and doesn't actually put in any framework for how this 
should happen.

Whether any such thing is required is a separate debate. This policy 
should stand or fall on its own merits.

However, this policy is:

a) necessary since ipv6 native flag day is not going to happen,

b) already happening by all indications,

c) desirable for everyone who uses ipv4 numbers and wants them to 
continue to be available and efficiently utilized,

d) morally correct in the face of the alternatives such as forced 
reclamations and strict top down rationing of remaining resources or 
tolerating hijacking or worse,

e) required for continuing relevancy for ARIN with regards to ipv4 numbers,

f) good for ipv6 deployment goals by attaching monetary disincentives to 
sticking with ipv6 instead of simple engineering difficulty,

because it provides accommodations for people to transfer what they may 
no longer need for the proper incentives to those who do need it.

I would suggest that it is in all our best interests that any such 
transferring occur under the purview, auspices and within the community 
that has established ARIN to perform these number related functions.

Should the need actually exist in the extent to cause this to happen 
without ARIN involvement, I expect nobody would be happy with that result.

And if nobody wants to transfer numbers, a policy authorizing it will 
have no impact.

If ARIN members want to transfer numbers, vocal mailing list members 
dont speak for the community when they raise vociferous objections to 
the concept, usually in the guise of a utopian ideal cutover to ipv6.

Maybe it will happen. Likely it wont. But it wont have anything to do 
with whether ARIN policies authorizes number transferring or not.

In fact, IPv6 does not have to be relevant to the question of whether 
ARIN should process under authorized policy ipv4 number transfers that 
ARIN community members may want to perform.

IP address transferring is something that will or will not happen, but 
not because of policies ARIN adopts.

Anyone notice that other RIR's seem to have already decided on this 
question? What makes it so difficult here? They have less available 
numbers than we do?

>> The Advisory Council will review the comments collected during the 
>> last call period and may: 1) support the proposal as is and recommend 
>> that the Board of Trustees adopt


, 2) find minor revisions are
>> necessary in which case the Advisory Council or author will redraft 
>> and post again to last call, 3) find major revisions are needed in 
>> which case the Advisory Council or author will redraft and the 

Major revisions arent warranted for this policy change -- it hits all 
the high notes required at this time.

Authorizes transfers
Maintains Need based
Advances RSA contracts
Comes with a sunset that can be revisited if needed
Only kicks in when the status quo must change anyways

Whats wrong with that?

>> proposal will be posted for the next public policy meeting, or 4) find 
>> community support to abandon the proposal.
> So, I would like to encourage members of the community commenting
> on this proposal to express clearly which of the above four actions
> you believe the AC should take.
> I have seen the discussion range through all 4 options and it is not
> clear to me that there is any level of community consensus around
> any one of these options.

Perhaps we need more direct voting by ARIN constituency members -- 
creating consensus by analyzing mailing posts strikes me as overly 
susceptible to various statistical biases.

> Thanks,
> Owen
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