[arin-ppml] IPV4 allocations

Michael Sinatra michael at rancid.berkeley.edu
Sun Jan 4 03:26:34 EST 2009

On 1/3/09 8:35 PM, Artur (eBoundHost) wrote:
> Matt,
> I disagree with one point. If ARIN is going to give ips on a per need basis then we also need to consider whether isps are doing the same. 
> If for example end users comprise half of usable ip space and we can hold off the ip depletion by asking isps to only allow public ips on a per need basis then its entirely reasonable. 
> For instance, our customers are given ips only if they have certain criteria and everyone else is hosted on a shared block. No reason isps can't do the same. 

What is a "shared block" in this context?  NAT?  If so, you won't have 
me as your customer unless you offer me end-to-end IPv6 as well.

In the R&E community, dissatisfaction with NAT has driven IPv6 
deployment.  Perhaps you plan to bring the same to the commercial ISP 


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