[arin-ppml] Why are ISPs allowed?

Jon Radel jradel at vantage.com
Fri Jan 2 17:45:08 EST 2009

Kevin Kargel wrote:
>>> Once two people who wish to communicate >are both behind such
>>> providers, there is no way they can send >data to each other without
>>> using a third party somewhere...
>> This is a handful of users. We're just probably talking about p2p users
>> mostly.
> P2P used to be only a handful of users, now they are very common, if not the
> majority.  Based on watching traffic analysis at our network P2P apps are
> pretty much the norm anymore.  This is not only due to the popularity of
> file sharing, but because of gaming consoles, webcams, stuff like that.
As a VOIP provider I'll point out that double-NATing SIP really doesn't
work very well.

Basically there are a lot of protocols that have been kludged to support
one layer of NAT at the edge of the enterprise or home network, but if
you add another layer of NAT somewhere things get really squirrelly,
really fast.  Also, from a more philosophical standpoint, I'm opposed to
any furthering of "oh, they're just consumers; a bit of web surfing, a
bit of e-mail, a bunch of the video pap we want to sell them...what on
earth would they need to do anything more for?" mindset that already
taints many consumer offerings.   Let's keep the Internet a 2-way
medium.  ;-)

Hasn't this topic been beaten to death in many slightly more pertinent

--Jon Radel
jradel at vantage.com
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