[arin-ppml] FW: Policy Proposal 2008-6: Emergency TransferPolicyfor IPv4 Addresses - Last Call

Ron Cleven rlc at usfamily.net
Fri Jan 2 15:20:16 EST 2009

Kevin Kargel wrote:
>>>Umm, when there are only four steaks left and 40 people that want them
>>>aren't there going to be lines no matter what the price?
>>The price should rise to that which only the top four bidders can
>>afford, no?
> Sure, if you are ok with the president of AOL getting the four steaks then I
> guess that would work..  

My bet is that president of AOL is going to get fired when his Board of 
Directors finds out that he paid a million dollars for 4 steaks and 
everyone else is eating chicken (IPv6) for free.

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