[arin-ppml] FW: Policy Proposal 2008-6: Emergency TransferPolicyfor IPv4 Addresses - Last Call

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Fri Jan 2 14:23:20 EST 2009

Kevin Kargel wrote:
>> Kevin Kargel wrote:
>>> It is a shame that so many people take the lazy approach of trying to
>>> regulate a problem by artificially raising the cost of the commodity
>> without
>>> thought as to how that is going to affect the average family.
>> Yes. Instead of raising the price of beef when there's a shortage of
>> cows, we should keep the price at the same government-set
>> family-friendly value, and then have everyone stand in very long lines
>> when it arrives at the butcher.
> Umm, when there are only four steaks left and 40 people that want them
> aren't there going to be lines no matter what the price?  
The price should rise to that which only the top four bidders can 
afford, no?

But my view is that if the price got *that* high, there wouldn't be 
"only four steaks left" any more... a whole lot of people could figure 
out how to renumber out of (most of) their space if that happened, *or* 
it would be expensive enough that the cost (mostly non-monetary) of 
using IPv6 instead wouldn't seem that bad.
>>  The socially conscious people who also have zero transition cost,
>> or who are so socially conscious that they are willing to donate their
>> own time and equipment budgets (or those of their employer) to giving
>> the addresses to others.
> While rare, there are altruistic people and even altruistic companies out
> there that are concerned and active about social ethics.  All I can do is
> bemoan their rarity and applaud their efforts and sacrifice.
They're mostly people not subject to shareholder lawsuits for not doing 
the best thing for the company (in the next quarter).

Matthew Kaufman

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