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Mon Jan 12 09:15:00 EST 2009

In the past ARIN staff posted reminders of the deadline for submitting
policy proposals. The new Policy Development Process (PDP), published
last week, does not contain such a deadline.

The current PDP is designed to bring forth clear, technically sound and
useful policy. Since good ideas can happen at any time, policy proposals
may be submitted at any time.

Despite there being no deadline, the new PDP does have several time
• Policy originators need time to think about and write policy proposals,
• ARIN staff needs time to conduct the Clarity and Understanding review,
• The AC needs time to make a decision and create draft policy,
• ARIN staff and legal counsel must be given time to perform staff
• And, draft policies must be posted to PPML at least 35 days prior to
an ARIN meeting to be considered for that meeting’s agenda.

If you are considering submitting a policy proposal, the sooner you
submit it the better the chances are of it being acted upon in the first
half of 2009.

The Policy Development Process and Policy Proposal Template are
available at:

Policy proposals and draft policies under discussion are available at:


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