[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Protective Usage Transfer Policy for IPv4 Address

Adam Rothschild asr at latency.net
Thu Feb 12 00:20:47 EST 2009

I support this proposal.  And thanks to Leo for the much-needed
backgrounder, without which it's difficult to put this all in

Credit is clearly due to Bill Manning for his tireless service to the
community, fostering the growth of many exchanges through ep.net.  I
cannot stress this point enough.

At the same time, peering-related services have evolved considerably
since ep.net's inception.  Commercial colo/exchange operators are now
fully conscious of their revenue potential, and devote considerable
infrastructure capex/opex and staffing resources towards their upkeep.
With operators so well-equipped, the "do it yourself" model, complete
with ARIN-issued PI address space, is the logical evolutionary step.
Indeed, I dare say that remaining in ep.net address space is
counter-productive (as underscored by the recent DNS outages due to
ep.net's lack of redundant connectivity, folk having a tough time
getting a response from hostmaster@, etc.)  Bill might even appreciate
a numbering out, as it means less operational hassle and more IPs
potentially available for sale on an open market.  :-)

Mr. Quesada's proposal provides exchange operators a much-needed
buffer, allowing them time to renumber without worry of outage
potential due to their upstream address provider doing anything rash.

-a (AS 29791)

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