[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal 106: Simplified IPv6 policy

Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Tue Dec 29 18:32:25 EST 2009

Member Services wrote:

> 6.3.1. Residential Customer Privacy ''(Copied from NRPM''
> To maintain the privacy of their residential customers, an organization
> with downstream residential customers may substitute that organization's
> name for the customer's name, e.g. 'Private Customer - XYZ Network', and
> the customer's street address may read 'Private Residence'. Each private
> downstream residential reassignment must have accurate upstream Abuse
> and Technical POCs visible on the WHOIS record for that block.

Looking for a little clarification...

If I'm either lazy, or otherwise feel that NONE of my residential
clients require a SWIP entry, does this piece of the policy allow me to
reserve a portion of my /32 (eg. /44) for residential clients and SWIP
the entire thing as a whole as 'Private Customer Block - XYZ Network' as
opposed to SWIPing each individual /56 as private?

Besides that, and until someone comes up with a better metric than 'N
hosts' as a qualification, I support this policy.


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