[arin-ppml] Abandonment of 103/104

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Thu Dec 24 03:27:15 EST 2009

> Thanks.  I didn't recall the original proposer of the 
> concept, it was what 5 or 6 years ago?
> But yes this is what I was referring to.

I suggested this about 4 years ago but I chose a 
bad name to describe it which caused people to think
that it was something completely different. Referring
to this concept as City Aggregate (CA) addressing,
gets to the heart of the matter.

It is still ordinary Global Unicast from the IETF
point of view. However large blocks of CA address
space need to be pre-committed to specific cities
and allocated to the RIRs under the stipulation that
they only be assigned to end users from the appropriate
CA block. Any intermediate regional layer of aggregation
would be managed by the RIRs themselves and no 
allocations at all would be done. Also, the RIRs would
not prescribe how ISPs should handle the routing for
CA blocks.

CA will work best in cities where there is a local
Internet exchange point that is well subscribed by
the ISPs who provide the majority of Internet Access
service in that city.

--Michael Dillon

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