[arin-ppml] Please don't be afraid to contribute!

Scott Leibrand scottleibrand at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 01:02:01 EST 2009

On 12/23/2009 6:39 PM, Geoff Keating wrote privately:
> On 23/12/2009, at 4:23 PM, Scott Leibrand wrote privately:
>> Geoff,
>> Is there any reason you're not Cc'ing PPML on your replies?  Do you mind if I do so?
> I just didn't want to bother the list, but feel free to do so yourself!

Thanks, I'll take the liberty to do just that.  :-)  You're not the only 
one who has responded directly to me today with excellent feedback.  I 
really appreciate it, and would like to encourage everyone to do the 
same.  But even more importantly, I'd like to ask something of you, and 
all the other people with opinions and ideas who were reluctant to post 

Please, please, PLEASE don't consider it an imposition on anyone to 
share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas on PPML.  This list is here for 
just that reason.  We hear quite often what the usual suspects (like 
me!) think, to the point that we can often predict what they'll say in 
advance.  But we don't hear nearly enough from folks like you, who are 
diligently following the list, forming opinions, and coming up with ideas.

I don't think there's a single idea in this simplified IPv6 policy that 
I came up with all on my own.  Every single one of them came from 
pulling together all of the great ideas circulating on this list and in 
recent public policy meetings.  My own little contribution would not 
have been possible if everyone kept their thoughts to themselves.

So, again, thanks for everyone's excellent feedback so far.  Please keep 
it up, and don't be afraid to post your questions, opinions, and ideas.  
We need more of them.

Thanks again,

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