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Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Wed Dec 23 19:18:00 EST 2009

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>>>>> "michael" == michael dillon <michael.dillon at bt.com> writes:
    >> That's great for Ford or American Airlines.

    michael> It's not just for big companies like Ford. Last time I
    michael> looked the ANX connected over 4000 companies of all sizes

  No, you missed the point.
  It's fine for companies that are part of large COINs.
    >> That's totally ridiculous for linking the 7 locations of
    >> Bob-DryCleaning's together over $200 VPN.

    michael> Of course you are right. I wasn't suggesting that any
    michael> handful of companies who need to communicate need special
    michael> treatment and in particular, I am talking about COINs which

  Yes, I understand.
  In the old days, we called them leased lines.  Some of us ran IP on
them, and others ran other things that are best left unspoken lest their
respective dark-deities rise again.
    >> The big guys do not have a problem --- look the government of
    >> germany just got a /26.  No big deal for them to parcel off a /32
    >> for use on some COIN.

    michael> That's another good point. We have no scarcity of IPv6
    michael> addresses so if an organization needs a much larger block
    michael> than a /32 to build their network, they can get it. This
    michael> time around we have enough address space to handle all
    michael> global and local telecommunications needs of the whole
    michael> planet even if the population continues growing and 3rd
    michael> world countries build the same infrastructure per person as
    michael> the 1st world. In other words, there is no need to
    michael> skimp. If you have big plans, and they are realistic plans,
    michael> then ARIN should give you the allocation needed to make
    michael> those plans a reality. We still should ask applicants to
    michael> demonstrate operational need for the allocation and justify
    michael> the magnitude of the allocation as well.

  Like I said --- no problem if you are big guy.
  Significant problem if you are not a big guy.

    >> It's the small guys that will have a problem --- and it will be
    >> the small guys that will deploy useful things first.

    michael> The jury is out on that one. The Internet is no longer the
    michael> weird new technology out in left field. It is the heart of
    michael> all communications infrastructure and everyone now realises
    michael> this.

  I will agree, as long as you write: s/Internet/IPv4+NAT/
  IPv6 is still out in left field.  Much better this year than last,
mind you.

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