[arin-ppml] questions about AC decision re: 103.

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Wed Dec 23 12:56:34 EST 2009

Davis, Terry L wrote:
> David
> I'll take a crack at this "needs issue" from a different angle.
> Since I'm in the edge of critical infrastructure numerous ways every, I guess I'd point out a few things in the way of re-addressing that we don't really think about:
> - When would be a good time for your local hospital to re-address its Emergency Room and ICU?
> - If a small biotec company has to re-address its control systems, when is a good time?  An outage to their control systems, could destroy years of work.
> - The company supplying your local water?  (not nearly all of them are public)
> - The local small power company providing your power?
> - The local industry that has highly specialized control systems to enable a highly robotic process with very high close tolerances on its products?  What's the cost of failure?  
> - The local irrigation district?  (The ditch rider is now a SCADA system and every farm depends on it!)
> - What about my community bank; am I comfortable with the risk to my account access if they have to change?
> - What about my city government?  It's intelligent (?) traffic control systems?  Some still run their own 911 services.  ??
> - A small regional food distributor?  (How time can they be out before their stocks spoil?)
> - The local company that provide fire and security monitoring to your business or home?
> - The local company that provides all the web sites for businesses in your community?
> Just visually walk down your community's main street and try to imagine what re-addressing might mean to any one of them!
> We make this crazy assumption that our business models function as they did before the Internet.  They DON'T!  We live in a 7x24 world now; our businesses, our livelihood, and our own personal safety depend on the Internet, 7x24 with at least 4 9's reliability.
> The PA concept is so broken in this context that I can find no way to defend it; I understand it at a technical level but that does not translate to the real world we live in.  
> And we wonder why we cannot get IPv6 deployed?
> Take care
> Terry

Believe me I understand many of those issues with direct experience. 
I've even had to deal with UL864 listed networking gear, what a pain!

- The University of Minnesota is more a small sized city, than a typical 
- The University at one time to operate it own hospital with ER
- The Twin Cities campus alone is 250+ buildings, 32M raw sqrft, 24M 
assignable sqrft
- The TC campus operate its own a power gird, Steam Plant, Chiller Plant
- Level-3 medical biocontainment facilities, thank god we don't have 
level 4 or 5 facilities
- 1200 Security Cameras
- Phone Switch with 45,000 time slots and a 911 PSAP
- Campus Network, 85,000 ports of GigE, providing Internet Access, 
SCADA, HIPPA, PCI, Security Video, etc...

Connectivity to the Internet is only one small part of the Universities 
network, it is just the most obvious to most people, the other parts are 
mostly unseen on a day to day basis.

While I agree that a PA only world will not work, neither will a PI for 
everyone world, at least for the Big-I Internet.  For the Big-I Internet 
to work, at least right now, we we need aggregation.  However, many, if 
not most, of the things you mention don't actually need to be part of 
the Big-I Internet's addressing plan, at least the mission critical 
function of those items.  Maybe the outside wrapper for the VPN that 
these might be running over part of the Big-I's infrastructure need to 
be part of the Big-I's addressing scheme.

So, please read the other thread I started.

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