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Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
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>>>>> "michael" == michael dillon <michael.dillon at bt.com> writes:
    >> But, that they are not intended to be routed across the entire
    >> hierarchically routed global Internet.  In other words, by
    >> default the normal expected behavior for a network operator is to
    >> not route these across an Autonomous System boundary without
    >> special arrangements.

    michael> That is an odd way of putting it. These blocks are intended
    michael> to be routed across ASN boundaries but the network operator
    michael> typically maintains separacy between their public Internet
    michael> infrastructure and the COIN (Community of Interest Network)
    michael> infrastructure. Even the automotive industry, which does
    michael> not have the same security needs as air transport or
    michael> finance, requires the ISPs to use a separate infrastructure
    michael> for ANX traffic. Let's put it this way, if company A is a
    michael> member of a COIN supplied by ISP B, the Company A will buy
    michael> a separate circuit from ISP B to supply Internet
    michael> access. The COIN does not meet the Internet except
    michael> internally in the member company networks where there are
    michael> usually strict controls in place including routing,
    michael> firewalls, edge ACLS to make sure traffic does not leak
    michael> onto the wrong network.

  That's great for Ford or American Airlines.
  That's totally ridiculous for linking the 7 locations of
Bob-DryCleaning's together over $200 VPN.
  Perhaps tunnelling IPv6 inside IPv4, without the help/knowledge of
the ISPs.

    michael> I suspect that the only acceptable alternative would be one
    michael> in which the IETF recognizes the existence of multiple
    michael> global internets, not just the one with the big I, and sets
    michael> aside special Global Unicast prefixes for these COINs. And
    michael> to get there, at minimum they would have to get the
    michael> agreement of the air transport folks, the automotive folks
    michael> and the global financial industry folks.

    michael> It seems easier to just use ordinary global unicast.

  The big guys do not have a problem --- look the government of germany
just got a /26.  No big deal for them to parcel off a /32 for use on
some COIN.

  It's the small guys that will have a problem --- and it will be the
small guys that will deploy useful things first.  

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