[arin-ppml] Routing Research Group is about to decide itsscalable routing recommendation

Joe Maimon jmaimon at chl.com
Sun Dec 20 20:36:11 EST 2009

Michel Py wrote:

>> Joe Maimon wrote:
>> Why would a user accept as PI a prefix that wont go into
>> the DFZ and/or is for all intents and purposes a second
>> class prefix were they to have the choice and what would
>> otherwise deprive them of a choice and why would DFZ
>> routers and network operators expend the effort required to
>> even make that option realistic?
>> Who is required to extend the effort or make the sacrifice
>> in order for whom to properly benefit? If they are not the
>> same people, I dont see any of this working, even as they
>> may very well all be technically workable.
> I came to the same conclusions years ago when I pulled the plug on my
> own thing. There is no market for a second class complicated multihoming
> solution.
> Michel.


Thank you for the feedback.

To be clear, I dont [want to] have any of my own conclusions, only the 
curiosity of the likely ill-informed as to the thoughts of those 
involved in the problem space in this aspect.

Even as the tech appears shiny and usable, I am unclear on how it will 
actually eliminate the PI v. DFZ debate that crops up here and there now 
and again.

Track record of technology to date seems to show that pervasive or even 
widespread implementation can be a difficult goal without clear and 
present self-interest to each individual actor in a targeted population.

It really would be nice have our cake and eat it too and I was hoping 
that a navigable path to there can be shown to exist.


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