[arin-ppml] Modified Header Forwarding for scalable routing

Joe Maimon jmaimon at chl.com
Sun Dec 20 10:14:43 EST 2009

Robin Whittle wrote:

Wow you sure packed a lot in there.

I cant get past the motivation factor.

Why would a user accept as PI a prefix that wont go into the DFZ and/or 
is for all intents and purposes a second class prefix were they to have 
the choice and what would otherwise deprive them of a choice and why 
would DFZ routers and network operators expend the effort required to 
even make that option realistic?

Who is required to extend the effort or make the sacrifice in order for 
whom to properly benefit? If they are not the same people, I dont see 
any of this working, even as they may very well all be technically workable.


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