[arin-ppml] Does Moore's law help with routing table growth?

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Sat Dec 19 08:42:10 EST 2009

>> There is no such thing as "PI for everyone" in the foreseeable future.
> If by "everyone" you mean "every organization with a single-homed network", then I agree, that will be infeasible at least as long as we're running BGP4.  But as long as we move the bar gradually, I think we can safely move toward a situation where PI addresses are generally available for multihomed organizations who are willing to pay their providers enough to run BGP.

BGP is not the driving deficiency in this situation. Indeed, we could switch to locator-based
forwarding in the IDR realm without actually changing BGP.  We will, however, need to
change the packet header to at least include a destination IDR Locator (such as adding
a 32-bit field for the destination ASN).

BGP4 contains a superset of the required FIB information for this, so, the protocol is
not the major limitation there.

BGP does run into other scaling limits (churn rates, etc.) which do scale somewhat with
prefix distribution, but, I don't think that would outpace moore's law if we were able to
do FIB lookups in TCAM based on dest-AS instead of prefix.


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