[arin-ppml] debunking the myth that Moore's law helps

Tyler Booth tyler at stephouse.net
Thu Dec 17 18:26:39 EST 2009

> Leo Bicknell wrote:
>> In a message written on Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 11:41:59PM -0500, Scott Leibrand wrote:
>>> 14.4kbits * 2^15 is 450 Gigabits.
>>>   I'm showing 14400 * 2^15 = 471859200, which is ~450 Megabits, not
>>>   Gigabits.  (Is that right?)
>> Doh, quite right, 450 Megabits.
>> Still, you can't buy a GigE router at Best Buy, at all.  (As a minor
>> nit, you can buy a router with GigE, but not one that will route
>> even a fraction of it).
> Actually WRT610n will route (as in make a layer-3 forwarding decision)
> about 300Mb/s it costs around $150, and yeah you can buy it a best buy.

NAT is not routing. You can however pick up a Mikrotik Routerboard RB1000 for less than $700 (not at best buy, but easy to find on the web) and it can forward 3.2Gbit/sec or 400,000pps. It also supports IPv6, BGP, and MPLS. If you're looking for consumer grade their smaller RB450G is under $100 and handles about 950Mbit or 140,000pps. It too supports IPv6, BGP, and MPLS but doesn't have enough RAM to handle a full IPv4 BGP route table.

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