[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal 103: Change IPv6 AllocationProcess- revised

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Thu Dec 17 05:49:28 EST 2009

> 3. How do you determine what sort of host count is fair? 

You can't count hosts any more. And IPv6 no longer has the 
concept of a host. The /128 addresses are "interface IDs" 
and the thing that was called a host in IPv4, could have
more than 1 interface. In addition, IPv6 allows for multiple
interface IDs per interface. It is a different world.

> HD-ratio is a mess but it was adopted because its about as 
> close to fair as we were able to agree on along the host 
> count classification vector. Also, at a technical level IPv6 
> addressing is structured along the idea of 64-bit subnets 
> rather than variable size subnets accommodating 128-bit 
> hosts. If we want to think about host count as a 
> classification vector, maybe we should couch it in terms of 
> LAN count instead.

Not to mention that HD ratio only affects the large ISPs
who cannot live within their initial allocation. Note that
the RIRs are perfectly willing to give larger ISPs an
initial allocation bigger than /32 because we have no shortage
of address space, and by giving a really big initial allocation
we have a better chance of reducing the number of routes
in the global routing table when IPv4 is shut off.

--Michael Dillon

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