[arin-ppml] The non-deployment of IPv6

Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Sat Dec 12 18:27:42 EST 2009

Joel Jaeggli wrote:
> Tony Hain wrote:
>> Why do you say multi-homing is unrealistic? Do ARIN policies keep you from
>> getting a PI /48? If so that needs to be fixed. If not, your complaint would
>> appear to be an artificial justification for delaying. 
> At check point we asked for and obtained ipv6 pi space under the current
> ARIN number policy, although it's been while since I've done it for ipv4
> I wouldn't characterize it as either dramatically different or hard.

I concur with Joel and Tony.

Although I'm not in a position to request PI space, where I had a hard
time was informing ARIN that a /32 was too much for my needs (and I
_still_ received it, due to policy).

If anyone, anywhere feels that ARIN policy is a barrier to entry, then I
personally beg you to just put in the request for the address space
regardless of what the policy states.

ARIN will not beat you with a stick for asking. As it goes, the worst
someone can say is 'no'. If they do happen to say 'no', they will be
able to refer to the specific sub-section of the policy as to why.

Then, you come back here to this list, post your complaint, and we
*will* change the policy. That is what this list is for.

_I_ want to ensure that there is no way in hell that anyone can complain
that their barrier to entry was the inability to acquire address space.


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