[arin-ppml] The non-deployment of IPv6

Lee Howard spiffnolee at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 10 19:24:06 EST 2009

Keith Hare said:
> 1. Finding firewall (or whatever vendors are calling it today) 
> equipment that supports IPv6

>From www.getipv6.info click "IPv6 Deployment and Migration Planning," 
then "Device Support."  

> 2. Finding an upstream that supports IPv6

>From www.getipv6.info click "IPv6 Deployment and Migration Planning," 
then "Providers Currently Selling IPv6 Transit."

> The killer question is will we be able to find robust v4 to v6 
> solutions when the time comes when we need to get traffic from 
> v6 only external users or sending traffic to v6 only sites. I am 
> assuming the answer to that question will be.... yes.....since when 
> the time comes there is going to be a huge demand for them. 

I'm very skeptical.  Stateless NAT46/64 means a 1:1 mapping of
addresses, which doesn't help after IPv4 is unavailable.  Stateful
NAT46 isn't even on the table at IETF yet.  Doubtful we'll have a
product in time.  No equipment vendors say they'll have one-to-
many address family translation by EOY 2011.

> The point at which you need to do something about v6  is when you 
> are
going to start getting external traffic (SMTP, HTTP, etc.) from 
> v6 only
users... or when your own users are going to start to want 
> to access v6
only sites.

As an enterprise network operator, do you support a VPN for
remote employees?  Once they can't get a global IPv4 address, if
they change ISPs they'll either be behind IPv6 or large-scale NAT
(i.e., NAT444).  Will your VPN work?

> lots of network hardware vendors that support IPv6, take a few 
> minutes
and see if you can find where on their web sites and spec 
> sheets they
document IPv6 support.

I went to the websites of half a dozen large network equipment
makers and searched for "IPv6."  AdTran should be embarrassed,
but otherwise, there are hits at all of them.  You can complain 
about features that are late in coming in some edge platforms, but 
nearly everything will at least allow an IPv6 address now.


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