[arin-ppml] Why would we need IPv6?

Warren Johnson warren at wholesaleinternet.com
Wed Dec 9 01:10:30 EST 2009

A better cartoon:

Show a bunch of business people looking over their right shoulder and down
the road at a town named "Success". A road sign says "Success 982 miles".
On the business people feet are shoes that don't look comfortable to walk in
and are already almost worn out from walking.  In front of them is an
auction stage with that ipv4 Volkswagon bus on it, looking all beat up and
everyone is bidding a lot of money to get that Volkswagon bus because even
though it's expensive it's a more attractive option than walking to

You might even add a bus stop on the corner that says "IPv6" with a map
indicating that it'll probably be another 20 stops (years) before the bus
makes it from the bus stop to "Success".  And while the IPv6 bus is nice and
comfy and cheap, it still doesn't get you there before the party is over.


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Hopefully my crude plagiarism will give you a laugh:



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