[arin-ppml] SWIPs & IPv6

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Dec 8 10:05:26 EST 2009

On Dec 7, 2009, at 4:24 PM, <michael.dillon at bt.com> wrote:

>> Further, there is a public disclosure interest in knowing who 
>> is holding non-trivial amounts of IP number resources.
> And in IPv6 only a /32 or shorter prefix is non-trivial.
No.  The boundary should be much longer than that.
At least /48, probably at least /56, and, I don't think /60
would be unreasonable.

>> Because IP number resources are a public resource 
>> administered by the RIRs in trust for the public.
> That only justifies why we give the RIRs copious amounts
> of data under an NDA signed by the RIR and protected 
> within the RIR so that only resource analysts can see
> this data.

> This does not jsutify a public directory.
We should agree to disagree at this point.


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