[arin-ppml] SWIPs & IPv6

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Mon Dec 7 15:20:27 EST 2009

Milton L Mueller wrote:
> James:
>> However,  IP assignments with  ARIN are not mapped to personal
>> info. They are mapped to CONTACTS  for a business organization.
>> This is a person,  a business address, and business phone number.
> Nothing wrong with that. Again, the essential issue to me is: what is
> the purpose of the data collected? What data is required to fulfill
> that purpose?

so far so good

> How can we limit the data collected to that which is
> required for that purpose?

Bzzzzzt!!!  Wrong wrong wrong.

It is not YOUR right nor responsibility nor is it the right or
responsibility of ARIN or this community to tell any ISP that
wants to file a SWIP that lists the real-life name and contact
info for a sub-assignor that they aren't allowed to do this.

At least, it surely isn't right now.  I may be a dyed-in-the-wool
liberal but I'm not that stupid, the day that we allow CINO's *
using this sort of reasoning to control discourse, is the day
we lose all our freedoms to government.

You slipped up, Milton.  So far you were arguing that ISP's who
WANT to limit SWIP data should be allowed to do so.  But, your
mask has slipped for everyone to see, as you mistakenly used the
phrase "we limit" which stated what your REAL goal is - which is to 
start telling everyone what to do, what data they can and can't list.

Your "we" in this context is you, yourself, Milton.  It certainly
isn't "I" or anyone else here that doesn't agree with you on this
issue.  You forget that YOU are seeking to CHANGE the status-quo,
which is that SWIP data that discloses accurate contact data must be 
supplied, thus the burden of showing any benefits to the change is on 
YOU, it is NOT on US who are seeking to LEAVE THE STATUS QUO ALONE.

 From your posting it seems to me that this is a power trip/control
issue with you, that it's all about controlling stuff, controlling
what is in SWIPs, controlling who are the "chosen ones" with the
rights to access what is in the WHOIS database.  Your seeking to
greatly complicate a simple database with a lot of unneeded
access-control stuff that only makes it easier for wrongdoers to
manipulate to hide themselves.

For people who have real need to conceal themselves, the old
"Universal Exports" dodge used by 007 and the CIA is always available,
but even such a dodge only worked because it had Moneypenny
RESPONDING.  For the rest of them, nobody's going to care if they
manufacture SWIP names out of thin air, as long as they publish
an e-mail address and phone number that goes to a real human who
is in control of the netblock, and once more, RESPONDS.


* CINO:  Conservative In Name Only

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