[arin-ppml] SWIPs & IPv6

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Mon Dec 7 06:44:06 EST 2009

> As I stated, the residential privacy concerns expressed by 
> other posters, including Michael Dillon, are bogus because 
> the current policy allows the data for those resource holders 
> to be sufficiently obscured as to protect them.

"Allows for" is not good enough. The policy needs to make it
mandatory that useless contact data MUST NOT be published in
the ARIN whois database. If there is not a 24/7 network 
operations NOC at the other end of the contact info, then
it MUST NOT be in the whois directory, period!

> Further, most of the other concerns expressed are trivially 
> addressed as I suggested below, by the organization in 
> question getting a legitimate registered fictitious name or 
> creating a corporation and using a mail receiving service for 
> their address to do business with ARIN.
> Sure, there are costs associated with this, just as there is 
> a fee for having your POTS telephone number unlisted.  This 
> allows resource holders to decide how much their privacy is 
> worth to them.  I would think you would be the last person to 
> have a problem with such a mechanism.

I don't think that you really understand who these
organizations in question really are. Imagine an
ISP that runs a data centre. They sell colocated
servers. ACME Inc. buys a bunch of them, and gets
a consultant to rig them up with Virtuozzo so that
they can sell VPS servers. Widjits Inc, then rents
a VPS and gets a consultant to set up a control panel
package. Thingamajig Design Inc, then rents a web
server package bundled with 10 domains. They then
sell a web site design service to Gewgaws Inc. on
one of those domains. The website that is supplied
is for a shopping cart e-store. Gewgaws Inc. then
offers a service to all and sundry whereby they
can offer their miscellaneous overstock goods for
sale on the e-store and Gewgaws will also run an
Ebay auction for the items if desired. Now one
of Gewgaws customers has recently had some products
rejected by Ebay so they take their products to
Gewgaws, for listing just on Gewgaws shop and
start a SPAM campaign to drive business to them.

You would really like to contact Gewgaws to take
these pirate DVDs off their site but the problem
is that there is nobody technical at Gewgaws, in
fact the two owners are the only people there,
and they spend most of their time in their 
high-school classes and after-school basketball.
Thingamajig also has nobody there except the 
college student who works weekends on designing
websites. Widjits Inc. is another one-man band
who works evenings at Macdonalds. Now ACME does
have a technical guy working there, but he won't
do anything without orders from his boss because
it is his first job after graduating from journalism

Now tell me, what is wrong with keeping all of
these organizatons out of the whois directory
except for the ISP who got the allocation from
ARIN. That ISP is in a better position to track
something down this chain to the end, and if they
can't do it by phoning/emailing, they can always 
pull the plug. Simples!

--Michael Dillon

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