[arin-ppml] SWIPs & IPv6

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Mon Dec 7 06:25:50 EST 2009

> However,  IP assignments with  ARIN are not mapped to personal info.
> They are mapped to CONTACTS  for a business organization.  
> This is a person,  a business address, and business phone number.

Then you would support an ARIN policy that says something like:
   WHOIS directory data MUST NOT include any personal information
   except the name of a person who is a contact point for an
   organization. Where IP addresses are assigned to individuals
   the WHOIS directory MUST NOT contain more than the indication
   that this is not an organisation.

> By definition,  the organization determines what contact 
> information to publish.
> They don't have to publish THE sensitive contact information.  They
> can choose to publish the contact that is not sensitive,  or   "Get
> the address that they are allowed to publish without privacy concerns"

That is only true for organizations that have direct relationships
with ARIN. If an organisation is the customer of an ISP, they
do not have this option which is why the whois directory is
polluted with so much useless data.

> They just have to publish A valid contact information for  
> suitably reaching a responsible individual,  for each resource.

What does "valid" mean? Does it perhaps mean that the contact
information is for people who are READY, WILLING AND ABLE TO ACT
on received communications? Or something else?

> If all else fails,  they can open a PO Box,  if they are concerned.
> Provided they check it frequently,  _allowing contacts_  and 
> communications regarding their resources  by providing 
> information that can be used to reliably contact them,  while 
> releasing only
> "safe"  information is  the    internet resource   recipient's
> problem and expense to solve.

Given that ARIN's policymaking process is open, don't you think
that it is better to NOT make a policy where we advise people
to register a fictitious name and open a P/O box? 

--Michael Dillon

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