[arin-ppml] SWIPs & IPv6

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Sun Dec 6 15:30:55 EST 2009


> However,  IP assignments with  ARIN are not mapped to personal info.
> They are mapped to CONTACTS  for a business organization.  This is a
> person,  a business address, and business phone number.

Nothing wrong with that. Again, the essential issue to me is: what is the purpose of the data collected? What data is required to fulfill that purpose? How can we limit the data collected to that which is required for that purpose? 

> You will see things like   e.g.  Microsoft:  "One Redmond 
> Way,  WA, 98052".
> This is not someone's home address.    Publishing this does not pose
> any stalking risk.

I never said it did. 

> This type of information is public record already;  every business
> will have some sort of registration on file with the government.    In
>  most states/countries, this type of public record can be freely
> viewed for businesses, without paying any fees.

Of course; that is the distinction between "natural persons" and "legal persons" we have already been discussing. 
We are, however, also now talking about the use of the organizational contact as an intermediary for law enforcement. Again, no inherent problem with that, but just an insistence that due process be followed. Indiscriminate, at-will downloading of any and all information about entities using Internet resources is not necessarily good. 


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