[arin-ppml] Christopher Mettin

Michel Py michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us
Sat Dec 5 01:06:01 EST 2009

> John Curran wrote:
> Acting on the recommendation of the ARIN Mailing List AUP Committee,
> Christopher Mettin has been sent formal notice to cease defamatory
> to ARIN's mailing lists, and that even a single additional post of
> nature may result in the immediate loss of his posting privileges.

Thank you John.

As the original poster calling for action, I have to commend ARIN for
coming to a resolution in a timely matter. Unlike say (cough) some other
organization I also happen to subscribe to their mailing list and that
takes months of mostly useless debate before anything comes up.

I thought I would add my $0.02: I have been accused myself of trolling;
sometimes I have been very controversial. For the record, and although I
have supported Joe on this matter, he has been in hot waters for the
same reasons as well.

That being said, I encourage the reader to evaluate the fine line

a) "IPv6 is a failure"
b) "John Curran is an Internet terrorist"

Whether a) is acceptable as a mailing list topic is debatable. Time is
of the essence, and a statement that would have been widely seen as
politically incorrect a few years ago suddenly becomes an uncomfortable,
unwanted but nevertheless more prevalent every day reality check.
Note that I am not saying that such controversial topics are a good use
of bandwidth for the arin-ppml mailing list though; just suggesting that
a flare of controversy from time to time may be desirable and/or

As of b): unless John suddenly pops of on the FBI most wanted list with
a multimillion dollar bounty on his head, this is not an acceptable
mailing list topic.


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