[arin-ppml] SWIPs & IPv6

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Fri Dec 4 19:13:34 EST 2009

michael.dillon at bt.com wrote:
>> Why is he wasting time fooling with all this whois nonsense 
>> on the Internet when he can just drive around until he sees a 
>> yellow school bus and then follow one of those teenagers home?
> Because he doesn't want just any victim, he wants your daughter
> because his intent is to get revenge for something that you
> said on the Internet.
>> Why is it necessary for people to generate these outlandish 
>> and nonsensical analogies that anyone with a half a brain can 
>> blow holes into,
> Whoa there. Mentally deranged people don't have half a brain 
> left after damaging it with angel dust and other chemicals.
> Also, you can only blow holes into specific instances. We have
> to consider the whole population of the ARIN region and 
> statistically, there are a certain percentage of people who
> do go out and do this kind of stuff. We should make sure that
> we do not facilitate their misdeeds in any way.
>> Why do I even bother asking when I know the 
>> IN THE FIRST PLACE and the people pushing it cannot come up 
>> with a legitimate example so they make up silly ones.
> This is not a silly example. You offended someone, they obtained
> your IP address from their web server logs or wherever, then 
> they looked up your details in whois, went to your home and
> assaulted your family. The whois directory is a critical link
> in this chain, and many of us believe that ARIN should not be
> forcing ISPs to publish information that individuals do not
> want to have published. 

As I have said before nobody is holding a gun to anyone's head
and forcing them to be online.

Despite reports to the contrary it is in fact possible to live
life WITHOUT logging into the Internet.  I know, I know, pretty
revolutionary stuff, but there ARE actual real people out there
who have never logged in.  And no, they are NOT destitute!

By contrast it really isn't possible to live modern life WITHOUT
owning and driving an automobile.  Thus the license plate

> This is already a principle of ARIN
> policy with the private residence stuff,

OK so you create this example then shoot it down?!?!

> but many of us feel
> that it could be done in a more consistent and useful way.

Could it possibly be
that residential customers who don't want to be published in
WHOIS go use their money to buy service from an ISP that doesn't
publish residential listings per ARIN's existing allowable policy?

What your doing here is working out an example only applicable
to private individuals and trying to apply it to organizations
and businesses.


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