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>  Why do I even bother asking
> when I know the answer already - BECAUSE THE WHOIS PRIVACY POINT
> IS HOGWASH IN THE FIRST PLACE and the people pushing it
> cannot come up with a legitimate example so they make up
> silly ones.

If you use the example of your local county property
database, those records have a very clearly defined
method of how to have individuals removed.  In many
jurisdictions one must show that you are at physical
risk of injury or death (battered spouse, judge with
death threats, etc.), and that removal is the least
impactful way to protect those individuals.  Avoiding
protest marches in front of the home does not qualify.
It is a high bar (although since these are often local
decisions, the bar almost certainly is not at a
constant height across the jurisdictions).

There may very well be good reasons to not have accurate
WHOIS data available.  But I have yet to see a compelling
argument that involves the equivalent of protecting
the battered spouse.


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