[arin-ppml] SWIPs & IPv6

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Thu Dec 3 18:03:26 EST 2009

michael.dillon at bt.com wrote:
>> Now, the problem here is that the org isn't DELIBERATELY 
>> going out and violating section 5b, it's just accumulated 
>> mistakes.  At what point does ARIN state the org is in 
>> violation of section 5b? 
> Why throw vinegar at people? You'll get further ahead by
> honeying them up with help to reduce the mistakes. If ARIN
> states that an org is in violation, the organization could
> sue ARIN, and obtain a court order preventing ARIN from taking
> any further action until the lawsuit is completed and the 
> courts have decided who is at fault.

I think you read my sentence a bit wrong, I was not meaning
ARIN identify a specific org, I was using "the org" as a
noun.  Poor wordsmithing on my part.

ARIN should state at what point
is that if an org crosses it, it's no longer acceptable error.

> ARIN needs to focus on education and on removing barriers.
> In order to remove barriers, ARIN needs a better process 
> for publishing a contact directory, and better tools for
> ISPs to use.
> This is not like the current work of providing an alternative
> to emailed SWIPs, because people do not have a big investment
> in IPv6 tools. This is an opportunity for ARIN and the community
> to design something right and to implement it well.
> In particular, if it is open source, then many companies
> can contribute to it.
>> And the larger question is, what constitutes "maintenance of 
>> directory services data...data concerning any organization to 
>> which it further sub-delegates"
> This would be easier to define and audit if both orgs are 
> running the same directory server which can be queried to
> test any criteria that you want.

I think that the Rwhois server code should serve as a guide.

What's the biggest problem with the "reference" Rwhois server
that was written and published that does pretty much exactly
what your talking about?

I'll tell you, it's the inputting and management of the data.

If they had released that server with a webinterface that made it
easy as pie for a grunt to just pound in the data, then it would
have taken over SWIPS and whois by now and this discussion wouldn't
even be happening.

Unfortunately the entire focus was on the server logic and
internal query logic, and database, and the interface to get
data in and out of it sucks rocks.

If ARIN decides to go in this direction again, I would like
to see them produce an add-on interface to HaCi, which
already implements the GUI front-end, and IP management
stuff, for both IPv4 and IPv6.

> Wordsmithing the RSA will not solve any problems, just make
> the problems get into the courts sooner. 

What it would do is enhance ARIN's hand when
it DOES get into the courts.  And who cares how soon or not
the problem gets into the courts, are we all playing
The Delaying Game here?  Chuck Barris retired years ago.

> Do we want to fix the problem or do we want to hit people 
> over the head with brickbats?

How bout we speak softly and carry a big brickbat? ;-)


> --Michael Dillon
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