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> Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> > Not only that, but in actual fact it's ridiculously easy to get
> > license plate data from the DMV.  All you have to do is go down to the
> > county, pay $200 for a business license, list your occupation as "mass
> > marketer" then take that to the DMV and they will happily sell you
> > their entire database of license plate numbers and names and addresses.
> Well, I don't think we want to make things easier for spammers, which is
> what that parallel suggests...
> More relevant to the intended use of WHOIS, one can send a letter to my
> state's DOT asking for the registrant of a particular license plate
> number, and they will reply with the requested informoation at no cost.
> One has to state they have a "compelling need" (to satisfy state law),
> but there is no requirement to say what that need actually is, so it's a
> no-op.
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The solution for this, as has been suggested in other messages, would be to modify the ARIN mission statement to include facilitating communications between registrants, then allow registrants the option of hiding contact information but making it available to authenticated requests from members.

This would of course break should a member abuse the privilege.  Those of you who like new laws would possibly be satisfied by an enforceable AUP.

I suspect though that changes of this magnitude are best discussed on lists other than ppml.  

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