[arin-ppml] SWIPs & IPv6

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Thu Dec 3 14:23:13 EST 2009

Chris Engel wrote:
> I believe that Milton makes an excellent point below. 

>> Beyond that, to avoid the practically useless kinds of ideological
>> debates in which Ted revels, I'd propose restricting any further
>> discussion of this to specific proposals and operational guidelines.
>> You can't know whether there is a legitimate privacy and/or security
>> issue unless we are discussing real proposals in real contexts.

Chris, your playing a dangerous game in holding Milton's posts up as
an example.

As long as your echoing him, he likes you.  But the second you
disagree with him, he will go after you.  Your engaging in an 
ideological debate, here, and your NOT restricting your discussion
to a specific proposal - so, your already going someplace that Milton
told you not to go to, although he probably doesn't yet regard your
posts as one of the "useless kinds" of debates. ;-)

Just don't be surprised when he decides he doesn't like what your
saying and turns around and bites your hand.


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