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Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Thu Dec 3 14:08:15 EST 2009

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>>>>> "John" == John Curran <jcurran at arin.net> writes:
    John>    So do you believe that ISP's will maintain their IPv6
    John> delegations with the same level of accuracy as IPv4 today, and
    John> if not, do you think the loss of this data will impact
    John> operations?

I hope/believe that ISPs will do a lot more delegations in IPv6 than
they do with IPv4.  The cable/DSL operator that does DHCP/PPP right now,
and gives out dynamic IPv4s, will "give out" (quotes because it may
sometimes be autoconfigured) static IPv6s, and more often than not, will
also give out subnets.

In IPv4 land, you can easily just create pools of addresses and not
worry too much about who gets what. (except for auditing later on, which
is what logs are for).

In IPv6 land, it will be database driven, and so rwhois-like service
will be easier.  

Furthermore, in IPv4 land, doing a delegation with a SWIP and reverse
DNS is an "exception" --- something you do for the small number of
"business"-type connections, and at some ISPs, this is a manual or
semi-manual process.  In IPv6 land, this process will be regular, and
will be automated.

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