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Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Tue Dec 1 21:22:43 EST 2009

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>>>>> "Ted" == Ted Mittelstaedt <tedm at ipinc.net> writes:
    >> More specifically, if an organization is willing to accept the
    >> incident/security response obligations implied by not showing
    >> sub-delegations, is that "acceptable" until/unless the
    >> organization needs to show utilization for an additional address
    >> block?  (If so, wouldn't it be best to update the NRPM to reflect
    >> this "optionality" of SWIPs/rwhois data?)

    Ted> Well, I come from the camp that would like to push ARIN to take
    Ted> a more activist role.  Keep in mind that if all ARIN continues
    Ted> to do in the future is hand out IPv6, that once the Internet
    Ted> shifts over to IPv6 that ARIN isn't really going to have very
    Ted> much work to do other than maintaining the SWIPs, it's not like
    Ted> they won't have the time to do this.  I frankly feel that the
    Ted> Internet is so critical to so many things nowadays that having
    Ted> LESS centralized world regulation over it is a Very Bad Thing.

  So, not just handing out IPv6, but running a RPKI (the thing that
anchors SIDR certificates...) as well.

  It's totally different technical work, but it's structurally similar
to what happens now.  But consider what happens if you do not update
your SWIP data... your routing certificate expires, and you go offline!

  {I agree with Ted's analysis about feudal situation}
  Consider what the "feudal" governments could do with the above kind of

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