[arin-ppml] SWIPs & IPv6

Scott Leibrand scottleibrand at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 18:57:51 EST 2009

Danny McPherson wrote:
> I've gleaned a 
> few useful insights (e.g., the abuse desk to the ISP that didn't
> create the SWIPs).  

> I've heard your opinion, I'd like to continue to hear form other
> folks as well..

As others have mentioned, SWIP/rwhois is valuable for lots of reasons.  
Some, but by no means all, of those benefits accrue to the party 
maintaining the data.  There are significant externalities (benefits to 
other parties), so it makes sense for us to encourage maintenance of 
accurate WHOIS data.  One way we do that today, tying additional ISP 
assignments to accurate WHOIS data, will become less of an incentive 
when additional assignments are few and far between.  I think it remains 
to be seen whether the other benefits are sufficient to maintain a 
sufficient level of participation in keeping data up-to-date, but with 
the delegation-of-responsibility benefits already outlined, and some 
possible tie-ins with routing data (rpki etc.), I think we have a good 
chance of success.  We should keep an eye out for stale data, though, so 
we can discuss additional incentives if the existing ones prove 


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