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> Well, to me charging a fee for a service is like selling a good. There
> actually is no difference, just another way to express the same idea.
> But to
> remain politically correct, ARIN is not selling IP addresses, they are
> allocating them to people against a fee. So that's the same with AOL
> charging a fee for the usage of their  greeting card service, they are
> not
> selling ecards!

Wow, remind me to contact Cisco and let them know there is no difference
between selling me a 6500 and a SmartNet contract.  You should look at
the difference between CAPEX and OPEX.

> As it seems the ground GQHS is on is its own region since no one (even
> not
> RIPE) feels responsible. Maybe I should ask IANA whether we can become
> our
> own RIR since the need / geographical size ratio appears to be the
> as
> in any other RIR region. 

If you feel you meet the criteria then you should.

> But I would like to try to amend the policy
> though,
> to make educational institutions eligible for a free allocation in the
> region, since we will open a new campus in Michigan (a state in ARIN's
> region) next year.
> Hope that answers all of your questions, Brian.

You should look through the archives for non-profit and education.  You
will find that the devil is in the details, and that the ARIN membership
is very specific about defining organizations.  You might be an
educational institution, you might not.  Also, right now you are not a
member of the ARIN region, so this is really moot.

When you are in Michigan give it another go.


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