[arin-ppml] Apology requested from Christopher Mettin and the Gymnasium Querfurt High School

Craig Finseth craig.finseth at state.mn.us
Tue Dec 1 16:39:25 EST 2009

   > Clearly that shows thier loss of touch with reality. EVERYONE on
   > the internet knows that the aliens are merely a front for the
   > Knights Templar except for a brief period in '99 when they were a
   > front for Cthulhu.

   Wasn't that during the "all your base are belong to us" period?

No, all the bases always belonged to Cthulhu: we're just borrowing them.

And, FWIW, Cthulhu him/her/itself is an alien alreay.  Just a very
tired one that you hope doesn't wake up (:-).


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